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Sensor EZ Faucet


iTouchless EZ Faucet is the 100% touch-free, money- and water-saving way to make your kitchen or bathroom healthier and happier! Patented Point-N-Lock infrared sensor technology automatically turns water on when you place your hands (or whatever you are washing) under the faucet. The sensor detects when you move your hands or object away and automatically shuts the water off, saving an average of 200 gallons of water per month!

EZ Faucet is easy to install, requires no plumbing modifications, and fits standard faucet sizes. To install, just screw on the unit after removing the existing aerator.

Simple and convenient to use, EZ Faucet is suitable for children, the elderly, people with arthritis or anyone who wants a more convenient and water-efficient kitchen and bathroom experience.

- 100% touch-free EZ Faucet prevents spread of germs in your bathroom or kitchen

- Saves up to 70% water usage compared to traditional faucets

- Simple, do-it-yourself installation. Package includes washer and hex nut wrench

- Control water flow and temperature with faucet handles at any time

- Powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included) that last up to 1.5 years of use

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