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23 Gallon Semi-Round Stainless Steel Open Top Trash Can


Enjoy the ease of an open top trash can with an elegant and modern design. This large 23 Gallon capacity stainless steel trash can is perfect for busy families, offices, garages, restaurants, lobbies, or commercial spaces. The brushed stainless steel trash can is fingerprint-proof and smudge-resistant. The durable lid is easy to clean and prevents heavy, full trash bags from falling into the can.

  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty included!
  • Wide opening accommodates bulky trash
  • Sloped lid edge prevents accumulation of trash
  • Slim, half-round shape can be placed against a wall so it takes up little floor space
  • Air vents in the base create air flow to prevent a vacuum and ease removal of a full bag
  • Side handles for easy transportation
  • Fits standard 18 gallon trash bags.
  • No custom bags required.
  • Dimensions: 19.8" L x 12.4" W x 33" H
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