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Recycle, Trash & Compost Premium Vinyl Stickers 4"


Separate trash, recyclables, and compost the fast and easy way with this set of three high-quality vinyl decals. Color-coded with stylish and clear text and icon, everyone will know exactly how to separate trash from recycling. Made from superior quality, UV-resistant gloss laminate, these stickers are durable and will not fade. They are also water-resistant, so they’re great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Easy application: just peel sticker off of backing and place it onto nearly any surface – wood, metal, plastic, paper, ceramic, and glass. Then, use a flat object like a credit card to smooth out any air bubbles. Best of all, they are re-usable! Just peel the sticker off and reapply it any time you like.

These 3 high-quality vinyl stickers are made in the USA. Two sizes to choose from: 3” x 3” and 4” x 4”.

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