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Bag Resealer


The iTouchless Bag Resealer is a handy houseware item which allows you to reseal any open plastic bag airtight in just seconds. It helps to keep your food fresh longer than just rolling the bag or using a chip clip. It locks in flavor and saves your taste buds from stale potato chips.

It helps save money if you use plastic bags for your kids’ lunches as it can reseal the same bag over and over again. Its compact size makes it portable for any occasion such as camping, BBQ, parties and picnics. Reseal the leftovers in plastic bags. Save your money, and your food!

- Prevents the smell of the food escaping from an unsealed plastic bag that will attract insects or bugs

- Can be used on bags of frozen veggies to prevent freezer burn

- Make water bombs using the Bag Resealer and plastic bags. Save money on balloons and have fun customizing your own water bombs

- Take it to travel with you, to seal up foods and cosmetic packages

- It is easy to find with its bright color and magnetic base

- Seals all plastic bags (0.2mm) airtight in seconds

- Magnetic base keeps it handy on refrigerator

- Portable and compact in size

- Combo pack (2 per set)

- Powered by 2 AA size batteries

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