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Trash Decal (1 pc) *Proof of Purchase Required

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Offer available to customers in the United States and Canada only. Limit one per household.

Enjoy a FREE SAMPLE* of Trash Decal. Make it easy to separate trash from recyclables with this durable, UV-resistant decal.

  • Durable, High-Quality UV-Resistant, Water-Resistant, gloss laminate Vinyl Sticker for Outdoor and Indoor.
  • Large lettering and picture decal to easily identify the trash bin
  • Made to adhere to surfaces without leaving sticky residue when removed. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor disposal trash waste containers. The sticker can be applied straight to any trash can surface or may be used on numerous other surfaces including but not limited to wood, metal, plastic, paper, ceramic, and glass.


*Acceptable Proof of Purchase includes purchase receipt PDF or photo of receipt.

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