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Ultraclean Stainless Steel Sensor Foam Soap Dispenser


For ultimate hygiene and convenience at home, the iTouchless Ultraclean No-Contact Foam Soap Dispenser allows quick and easy hand washing. Air-injection technology produces a luxuriously rich and soft foam soap lather. The elegant stainless steel makes this an attractive statement piece for your kitchen or bathroom. You can mix your own foam soap using water and liquid soap (not included).

FOR IMPROVED HOME HYGIENE – Touchless, motion sensor operation allows for no-contact hand washing. It's the convenient and hygienic choice!
PURE LUXURY – Air Injection Technology produces soft, luxuriant foam soap. Less waste and less mess than standard liquid soap. Use foam soap refill, or mix your own using liquid soap and water!
LONG-LASTING, PREMIUM QUALITY – Made of the highest quality 304-grade, surgical-quality Stainless Steel. It’s waterproof and will not rust.
MIX YOUR OWN FOAM SOAP – Mix water with liquid soap (not included) to create your own foam soap. Or, purchase foam soap refill (not included)
NO DRIP, NO WASTE – The No-Drip Spout prevents mess and waste. The transparent soap compartment lets you know when it’s time to refill. Quick dispensing time.
WORKS IMMEDIATELY – 4 AAA-sized Alkaline Batteries are Included so you can start using it right out of the box!

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